tas2Tailored Audio Solutions represents a growing network of audio professionals, artists, DJs, recording studios and equipment. Due to the community based nature of our business we are able to offer an extremely wide range of audio solutions.

In our musical community, musicians, artists and audio professionals have dug a hole for themselves in continually working for free or a very minimal amount of pay, often as a token gesture. This has undervalued, undermined and over the course of many years corroded what little market there was or could have been. So much so, that it has now become the expected norm that a band, artist, DJ or engineer will arrive at an engagement and be prepared to work for free. It is the mission of Tailored Audio Solutions to turn this expectation around and ensure that these people get paid fairly for their work, and ultimately restore some value to this market.

With so many highly skilled individuals spending their time playing music, organising events (including PA work) and recording audio, resources are plentiful and those artists affiliated with Tailored Audio Solutions all have a very real passion for their art, and a genuine devotion to a craft will always provide a better quality product than one created purely for financial gain.

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